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UF129 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板

UF129 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板- Size: 460 x 365 x 40mm- Adijustable distance:- SI:460-500/S2:130-170..


UF131 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板

UF131 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板- Size: 435 x 350 x 40mm- Adjustable distance: - SI:420-480/S2:130-17..


UF137 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板

UF137 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板- Size: 448 x 350 x 49mm- Adjustable distance:- SI:425-445/S2:142-182..


UF139 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板

UF139 脲醛易拆式緩降廁板- Size: 440 x 370 x 28mm- Adjustable distance:- SI:440-500/S2:130-170..


UF3008 子母廁板 脲醛緩衝降板

Richford UF3008 子母廁板 脲醛緩衝降板-   二合一子母廁板-   一鍵式快速安拆-  脲醛物料   堅..


UF119 Toilet Seat Cover

UF119 Toilet Seat Cover- Size: 470 x 370 x 30mm- Adijustable distance:- SI:470-510/S2:130-170..


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